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We offer Car Rental, interesting Indian wildlife tours, itineraries to national parks, reserves, animal sanctuaries, tiger safari tours, bird watching and other tourism packages       ...read more>>

Air Ticketing [ International & Domestic ]
We can provide you with instant reservation and ticketing of Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Sahara India Airline and all the International Airlines with our Reservation System.

Financial Services

Foreign Exchange : We asist you in purchase/surrender of your currency and save you from botheration of going to Banks. We provide business travellers and tourist with Exchanging of money as accordingly. Our services offer unbeatable rates without any commission charges and assurance of time secure delivery of your money. We are full fledged Money Changers recognised as sub agent of R.B.I.

Western Union Money Transfer : Western Union Money Transfer, the fastest way to receive money worldwide. So reliable , it just like you delivered it yourself. It provides valuable services to customers worldwide through instant money transfers. It is only through Western Union that families can help their members living overseas by sending money to them in time of need. It also helps Indian Citizens by providing a way to recieve money from there loved ones overseas in a fast, reliable, safe, legal and convenient manner.

Hotel Reservation
We provide you Hotel Reservation from Non-Star to 5 Star Hotel in the northern region at 30% discount.

The Ayurvedic Health SPA Tour >>
Yoga is a form of mysticism that developed on the Indian subcontinent in the Hindu cultural context. Its origin is impossible to trace, because it dates back to before recorded history. Yoga comes in many forms specifically designed to suit different types of people. Yoga has both a philosophical and a practical dimension. The philosophy of yoga ("union") deals with the nature of the individual soul and the cosmos, and how the two are related. The practice of yoga, on the other hand, can be any activity that leads or brings the practitioner closer to this mystical union - a state called self-realization. ...more on this >>